Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Brother Are Like That...


They Pin You to Your Roots
...If Your Ego Goes to Bat
Your Reality Check
– Brothers Are Like That

They Bully, They Trouble 
They Steal Your Cakes
But They Also Cover Up 
Your Silly Mistakes

They Tease You to Tears
Even Snatch Your Toys
But Then, They 'protect' You 
From all the Bad Boys

When Mom Dad Listen
But Cannot Understand 
They're by Your Side
To Take a Stand

If Dreams Ever Crumble
To a Heap of Sand
They Rebuild your Castles
With a Helping Hand

Your Happiness
Lights Up Their Eyes
In Your Sadness
Their Heart Cries

They Grieve Your Lows
They Cheer Your Highs
In Your Achievement 
They Scale the Skies

Your Bodies Share 
A Common Clay
Different, Yet Similar
In An Uncanny Way

Your Hearts, Your Souls
Woven Together
Your Childhood Memories
Made up of Each Other

You Grow and Part
Never 'Grow Apart'
Two Souls Share
A Singular Heart

No Room for Envy
Or Place for Petty
A Selfless Connect
Spans Eternity

Parting Only Bestows
Your Bond More Heft
Threads Seamlessly Pick up 
From Where You'd Left

Angel One Moment
The Next, a Brat
Bundles of Nostalgia
– Brothers Are Like That

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